Course Objectives:


  • Understand the most important concepts in OO ABAP and comprehend principles of object-oriented programming
  • Gain knowledge on the concept of class, attributes, methods, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces.
  • Learn the advantage of programming in an object-oriented language
  • Improve the object-oriented skills.

Course Description:

  • This course provides an introduction to object oriented programming (OOP) using the ABAP programming language.
  • This course is designed to teach Object-Oriented programming concepts, techniques and applications using he ABAP programming language.

Course Requirements:

  • This course is designed as an entry level programming course for students who have basic experience and knowledge on ABAP programming and a background in the procedural paradigm.


Technical Requirements:

  • The Mini SAP Basic System must be installed.

Target Audience

  • Programmers and developers who want to understand the principles of object-oriented programming
  • The course is suitable for anybody wanting an introduction to object oriented concepts in ABAP.


Course Curriculum:

  1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  2. ABAP Objects – Fundamentals
  3. Local Class
  • Attributes
  • Methods
  • Constructor
  1. Inheritance
  • Method redefinition
  • Abstract and Final Class
  • Narrowing Cast and Widening Cast
  1. PolymorphismHand with marker writing the word Learning Never Ends
  2. Interfaces
  3. Events
  4. Global Class ( Class Builder)
  • Static attributes
  • Methods
  • Events ( Event and event handler method)
  • Constructor
  • Polymorphism and interfaces
  • Inheritance

Period: february – may 2018

Start: 3 March 2018

( total 60 h – 5 weeks Saturday and Sunday  09:00 – 18:00 )

Price: 600 .

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Bookla.

Pentru o mai buna desfasurare a cursului, numarul de participanti este limitat la 10!

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